• Russian Jewel Beta Read

    Russian Jewel ~ Chapter 2

    duphalac uk The next morning, the view out the window drew my attention magnetically. The sunlight kissed the tall buildings, and its warm touch reached out to the cold pavement between steel giants. It was my first visit to New York City, and I looked forward to wandering its streets. “Room service.” A sudden knock on the door scared me. “Room service?” I mumbled, still groggy from sleep. Soundlessly, I tiptoed to the door and peeked into the peephole. Sure enough, there was in the hotel outfit a gentleman with a serving cart. I had only my shirt on, which was long enough to cover basically nothing. I cracked opened the door…

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  • Russian Jewel Beta Read

    Russian Jewel ~ Chapter 1

    cilostazol price co-operate If you cannot come up with a scandalous plot, find a man who will give you a daring escapade.I had been rolling those words around in my head since last night, looking at them from every angle, trying to see how I could make it work. Find a man.It had been the advice that my agent, Nancy, had parted with after weeks of discussing my next book, and she’d meant it literally. For me. To find a man.Me. I had told her I wanted to write a historical romance based on Colditz Castle, a beautiful Renaissance castle near Dresden that was POW camp for Allied officers,but she wanted another women’s…